Friday, February 19, 2010

When "Him" Is All You Can Talk About...

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Okay...let me preface this post and say "I am not a hater," but if you are one of these women I'm about to talk about, then I do hate you, think you're stuck on stupid...Uh... yeah, nevermind, I can't come up with something politically correct to say.

Anyways... *smiles curtly*

Hey, gurl, hey....are you that someone who cannot talk about ANYTHING else, besides "Him"? I mean don't get me wrong, I've been there before. When you're so infatuated that he comes up like word vomit. However, blessed be to me that I don't have enabling friends that encourage this behavior. After about the third reference, I usually get an o__O, a bbm with one worded responses, or an "ummm, lemme call you back."

So, yeah, either ya'll don't have friends, or they're enablers. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

More importantly, maybe you've never had it done to you. You've never been the friend on the opposite end of the spectrum. Never been the friend who REALLY tries to be supportive, all the while screaming on the inside "Okay chile! I get it!"

I understand if you are conversing and mentioning his name would be a relevant and pertinent asset to the conversation. However, if I say "Girl, what color is the sky?" Your response should NOT be "Well, girl, until the other day I thought it was cotton candy blue, but I was looking at this shirt that HE had on the other day, this shirt that brought out the Spackle in his eyes, and I asked him what color it was and he told me cerulean and so, I would say the sky is cerulean."

O__O Bish! NAWL!  Okay, maybe that was dramatic, but what about this:

You: "Man my stomach hurts..."
Her: "Girl speaking of man and stomach hurting... Girl last night, his was hurting...turns out he just had to go take a dump tho."

Really??? I mean what part of the game is that? Again, I know some of you will say that I'm hating, perhaps in some alternate universe I am and just don't know it yet. However, until I get some concrete evidence that I am a hater, I will continue to believe that some of you are just SO happy to get a man, that you are determined to make everyone else be UNHAPPY about what should be your good news. Ya'll not happy just being happy, and I think your braggadocio is an attempt to create the "hater" that never existed. I mean as a woman, I congratulate other women who are getting their cakes beat. Good for you girl, but some of ya'll be doing the most. So allow me to say that it is REALLY irritating. Sat down and SHAT up!

That.Is.All. *curtsies*
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