Friday, February 26, 2010

There's No Crying in Step Shows!!!

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So, by now I'm sure you have heard of the Sprite Step Off that took place this past weekend in Atlanta, Georgia. If you haven't, basically it was an event for Greek organizations to showcase their talent and become Top Flight Stepper of the World. However, what was supposed to be a celebration of culture, quickly turned into accusations of appropriation, when a Zeta Tau Alpha, a white sorority, took home the championship and $100,000 prize. This decision caused an uproar, characterized by claims that had ZTA been a black sorority they would not have won the competition. Yes, straight whoddickery.

Although, apparently the people at the Sprite Step Off didn't think so. In a text book case of Affirmative Action,  they made up something about there being a scoring discrepancy and declared the ladies of Alpha Kappa Alpha, a black sorority, co-champions. Malarkey.

Now anyone who knows me, knows that I am the most militant of the militant and that I will jump at the chance to talk about my irritation with the appropriation of Black culture by the mainstream. As a matter of fact, I actually went searching for the clip with the mindset that Zeta Tau Alpha did not deserve to win. I was biased for no reason. I had heard people complimenting ZTA's performance, but I thought it was akin to that pity "Sing for Jesus, baby" that we give little kids on Easter Sunday who can't hold a note worth a darn. However, after watching the clip, there was nothing negative that I could say. ZTA definitely brought it. Even the audience thought so. The level of excitement for ZTA was undeniable.

UNTIL, they won.

See, Black people don't mind when white people want to be a part of our culture. Matter of fact, if you do it well enough, we'll even give you a black card o__O (See: Bill Clinton, Robin Thicke, Eminem, Justin Timberlake, and John Mayer... wait a minute). BUT, there is one unwritten rule and that rule is, if we let you in the club you better not come out on top.

A similar situation occured last year when Hampton University crowned their first "non-black" Miss Hampton University. The sad part is, I can bet that young lady was friends with a lot of Black people at Hampton, UNTIL she won.

On some level I can understand. Black institutions, inclusive but not limited to Black universities and Greek organizations, were born out of exclusion from white institutions. As a result, there will always be a level of protection and concern when those institutions are infiltrated by outsiders.

Nevertheless, crying foul everytime a white person wins is getting tired. Hell, they just gave us Obama, you don't think they are seeking reparations in any way they possibly can? Kidding. But seriously, I think it's sad the win of ZTA was reduced to reverse Affirmative Action, which in turn gave the AKAs a win I don't believe they deserved or would have pursued had ZTA not been white. See black people, white people aren't the only ones that believe they are entitled to something when they are in the majority. *wink and the gun*

Here are the performances from the step show:

 So... what do you think? Who should have won? You can tell me *doll eyes*
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