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April 24th; May 1st- The Glass Slipper Project 

April 22, 2010 - The time of year has come again where girls are getting ready for that once, twice, or thrice high school experience of a lifetime. Prom! However, not every girl is lucky enough to be able to afford the dress of her dreams. Sometimes it takes a special person, a fairy godmother to make that dream come true.

Today I received an email from the fabulous Dee-Dee (The Sassy Peach) about The Glass Slipper Project (GSP). GSP is a not-for-profit organization that helps underprivileged high school girls with their very special prom night by providing them with dresses, shoes, jewelry, etc. all for FREE! This Saturday, April 24th and next Saturday, May 1st they will be hosting their Princess Boutique where junior and senior girls can come get everything they need.

Last Saturday, Dee-Dee says they were able to help over 800 girls. WOW! However, as that is such a large number they need your help so they can continue to provide. If you have any dresses (Prom-ish/formal dresses), make-up, shoes and accessories that you no longer want or need please donate them to a GREAT cause.

The Princess Boutique is located at Abbott School right behind U.S. Cellular Field/White Sox Park at 3630 S. Wells St., Chicago, IL 60609. Donated items can be taken there on the mornings of the boutique days. Saturday, April 24th the boutique will be open from 8:00am-12:00pm, 1:00pm at the latest. If you would like to donate items directly to the school, the earlier you get there the better. Also, GSP is looking for volunteers to help with re-racking, serve as a "Fairy Godmother/Personal Shopper" or as a helper in the various rooms. They are asking for people to arrive no later than 7:15am. If you'd like to volunteer please sign up here! This is a GREAT opportunity to help young girls achieve their dream look for prom and as you fashionistas know, when you look better, you feel better!
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