Thursday, February 4, 2010

To the Left, To the Left

 Ladies...are we dispensable??? Are we replaceable???

Yesterday on Twitter, someone that I follow brought up the issue of, if a man could pleasure himself, through oral stimulation o__O then there would be a lot less women that could get a man. Apparently, she had gotten this idea from, get this, one of her guy friends. Coincidentally, the day before I had the exact same thought which made it interesting to see that this could possibly be a reoccurring thought amongst the male population. That, if men could sufficiently pleasure themselves, there would be no need for his female counterpart.

At first I chuckled about it, but then I begin to seriously wonder. I don't know, maybe this concept wouldn't necessitate such a Socratic methods from you all, but it got me thinking and questioning. If there are men believe who they don't need us, purely based on a hypothetical situation where they could sexually gratify themselves, then what does that say about the state of the union between male and female?

Of course, I know this is a patriarchal society, where women are often reduced to commodified objects to be consumed by their male counterparts. However, there is something very homoerotic to me about a man reducing a woman to simply her "holes," to the point where she would no longer be needed if he could indeed pleasure himself. (This is one of the issues I have with hip-hop but that's a WHOLE other blog post.) In any event why wouldn't a woman be needed for the emotion connection and intellectual connection that could be forged? If a woman is no more than simply a hole, then wherein lies the distinguishing of holes? O__O

Now I realize that there are a small minority of men who have pondered and accepted the belief that women wouldn't be necessary if they could please themselves...BUT... If you have ever been a man who has reduced women to simply a hole, then this I pose the question to you as well. Are we disposable?
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