Monday, March 1, 2010

#MusicMonday - What Did They Say?

***Note: Okay, so I have decided that while I'm trying to get myself in the habit of posting a lot more frequently on my blog, I'm going to start some segments on my blog in order to keep me motivated. So that means even if I don't do a regular blog post equipt with poignant pontifications of me shooting the sh-- I mean breeze, you will still get one post. If you are on Twitter you have heard of the Trending Topic that makes it's way up the list on the first day of the work week called #MusicMonday. Well, I have decided to bring that over to Black is Breezie and add my own spin to it.

Let me say this for the most part, my posts will be dedicated to music that I grew up on. Until I simply cannot think of anymore, I will be posting music for nostalgia's sake.

With that being said...

Close your eyes but leave them open, and go back with me to the days of CD players and Walkmans that only had three buttons, you know play, rewind, and stop. Go back to the days of 56K dial-up, when internet was used sparingly and for important things like chat-rooms, not for looking up song lyrics. Now remember the days, sitting Indian style on your bed, headphones on your ear, pad of paper in your lap and pen in your hand listening to your favorite song trying to figure out what in the world was being said? I know I certainly do, and this #MusicMonday post is dedicated to the few songs that had me wondering "What Did They Say?"

Top 5 "What Did They Say?" List

No. 5:


"You Make Me Wanna Leave the one I'm with and start a new relationship with you, this is what you do...think about her and err-uhh..." Don't act like it was just me. While I didn't spend my time trying to figure out the entire song, that chorus tripped me up. I was walking around singing think about her and a ring... Then finally, one day Usher was on WGCI and they asked him what he said, "Think about her and all the things that comes along with..." That was it... yes there's a weird dragging part after her, but it's simply to fill the beat. No worries.

No. 4:

Please don't try to play me like Dru Hill was not a hot group. Yes, I sat around trying to figure out what was going on in this song. However, all the time I spent trying to figure out what they were saying could have been avoided if someone had just told me that "Remix" meant they had already made this song and it was about 3/8ths slower. On the flip side, I was able to master Ja Rule's and Nokio's rap... lol

No. 3

Okay, nevermind the fact that the dubbing is off in this video and it looks like a Chinese movie with English overlay. Despite the fact that I was 11, this song was a must know and thanks to my overzealous efforts as a preteen, to this very day I am still able to become the life of the party when this song comes on.

No. 2


I don't even think this song needs an explanation or disclaimer as to why I tried to figure out what was being said in this song. It's Kang Miko!!! Besides, after all the money he spent on this video, the least I could do was figure out what he was saying...

No. 1 

Honestly, it's a tie. I can't figure out which one I wore the grooves out of my cassette tape trying to learn more, but they both come from Chicago's own Twista...


So those are my top 5... well, top 5 in lieu of having you all curse me out or jump ship all together because there are 50 videos in my post, lol. 
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