Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Rock the Red Pump: It's National Women and Girls HIV/AIDS Awareness Day!

I sit here trying to come up with a cute or funny little anecdote to share with you all to introduce the topic of my post. Well, because we all know HIV/AIDS is serious and I didn't want you to tune out or click "X" before you read what I had to say. Then I realized what a disservice I would be doing to all of those who are infected or affected by this disease. The culture of apathy that is manifests itself in ignorance is the reason why I refuse to be "cute" about this subject. HIV/AIDS is serious and no matter how uncomfortable it makes you and I, I stand on the believe that I have a bigger obligation.

I have a voice that needs to be heard and a story that needs to be told. This is not a story of "the day I found out I was infected," but it is a story of "the day I found out I was affected." See, we all tend to live in our little bubbles because its easier to pretend that the person who looks just like you that you pass on the street, wave to in the park, compliment at the club, or lament over the price of fruit with at the grocery store may have HIV or AIDS.We ignore what we don't want to accept and we mock what we don't understand.

Which is why I started "Rocking the Red Pump." I Rock the Red Pump as to combat my own ignorance, my own fears, & my own misconceptions. I believe that awareness starts with self. Self education, self determination, and most importantly self respect. As a woman, I often find myself stuck with a childish mentality that causes me to worry about respecting his ego more important than respecting our bodies. I often worry about the ways he will read into me asking for more protection. Will he think that I am sleeping with more than one person? Will he get offended and think I am assuming he is infected?

Too often my questions centered around him. His feelings, his perceptions, his stereotypes. So now I Rock the Red Pump because it reminds me that I come first. That my status and my safety are imperative. I Rock the Red Pump, because HIV/AIDS matters and if ever I were to leave an impression on this earth, I would want to do so spreading awareness and doing it while wearing fabulous shoes. ;-)
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