Monday, June 7, 2010

Fantasia Receives Honorary Diploma...

CONGRATS Fantasia!

Let it be known that I stan for Ms. Barrino. I can watch the same youtube videos of her for hours straight and never ceased to be amazed. I watched and rooted for her on American Idol. When she won and released her first album, I recognized her as the "single mom from American Idol." However, six years later and her growth as an artist has been tremendous. When it comes down to a person with true, raw, unadulterated talent Fantasia is that chick!

Not only has she grown as an artist, but she has grown as a person. I have watched her interviews from when she first came out, to the way she presents herself now. I have seen her be able to connect with her audience whether it was singing for Elton John, singing at the Tony Awards, or singing for the audience of Mo'Nique's talk show. She has managed to keep her finances under check after almost losing her house to foreclosure, because she trusted and enabled a lot of people. She has also grown in terms of keeping a consistent style and wardrobe, because lawd knows Fanny used to look a hot mess sometimes. All of this growth, culminated into the events of this past weekend when Fantasia earned an honorary diploma from Andrews High School in Greensboro, North Carolina.

It is no secret that Fantasia dropped out of high school when she was 14, became a teen mom and was illiterate. She talked extensively about not being able to read her music scores on American Idol. While taping her reality show, Fantasia Barrino: For Real, she also talked about this and how she wanted to set an example for her daughter and earn her GED. Well, she did it! I'm extremely proud of her, it's easy to get wrapped up in the fame and wealth and forget about education. ESPECIALLY, when the prevailing message is that education leads to money. I know there are so many great things in her future, and even if she doesn't go back to school for another thing I'm glad she finished what she started.

Congrats Fantasia... For Real! <----- okay that was a lil corny. Sue me.

Check out some of my fav Fantasia performances:

Same song, VERY different performance... This was after she won and if you connect the dots to this song and her life story, the emotion is just overwhelming.

Check out Patti about to get the Holy Ghost in this one...

Okay, and only because I could go on FOREVER, my last performance is:


  1. Congrats Fantasia my sista. You've spoken about wanting to get your ged for sometime now, and now you've walked across the threshold in making your dream come true.

    Many blessings for you to come.

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