Tuesday, December 1, 2009

The Red Pump Project

In March 2009, my sister along with a friend, founded The Red Pump Project, an awesome organization, dedicated towards raising awareness on HIV/AIDs. Since its founding, The Red Pump Project has become Nationwide in its efforts to raise awareness of the increasing impact of HIV/AIDS on women & girls and encourages ladies to take action.

I joined the Red Pump Project because the faces of those most affected, look just like me. I joined because apathy is not a cure for AIDS/HIV. When I graduated with a minor in African American Studies and a concentration in Gender Women's Studies, I had in mind a passion to help women of color in areas of health care and education. The Red Pump Project combines the two. While I fully support the search to find a cure, I firmly believe that awareness has to be at the forefront of people's minds. In September I posted an article on The Red Pump Project, entitled The Power of One, explaining why I joined the organization. Go check it out and check out the rest of their blog!

Oh and I don't want to forget: Tomorrow, December 2, 2009 the Red Pump Project, along with their brother organization, The Red Tie Project, will be hosting an event in Chicago. The event details are as follows:

The Red Project Collective (The Red Tie Project and The Red Pump Project) cordially invites you out for an evening of relaxation, socializing, cocktails and fundraising.

In honor of World AIDS Day, The Red Pump Project & The Red Tie Project is hosting "Say RED: Cocktails & Conversation" at Ai Sushi Restaurant & Lounge on December 2 from 6 - 9pm.
Join Karyn (The Fabulous Giver), Luvvie (Awesomely Luvvie), Patrice (Afrobella) and others for an evening of socializing, drinks, and conversation about the issues surrounding HIV/AIDS.

Ai Sushi Restaurant & Lounge.

$5 martinis ALL night, $4 sushi until 7pm.

Most importantly, this will be a fundraiser as ALL proceeds will be donated to a local charity to be determined. The event will feature a silent auction, cash bar, and raffle prizes.
Silent Auction Items were donated by:

* Emmy Ward-winning AIDS activist Rae Lewis-Thornton
* MAC Cosmetics
* Pretty Afrika Jewelry
* Blogging While Brown Conference

Bring cash or checks to bid!
SPACE IS LIMITED so please RSVP to secure entry!
There is no admission cost however donations will be greatly appreciated!
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