Tuesday, December 1, 2009

World AIDS Day - December 1, 2009

Today, Black is Breezie is turning Red in commemoration of World AIDS Day. I have been away from blogging for awhile, but today was the perfect day to come back. This will be one of a few posts dedicated to World AIDS Day.

As of today there are over 33 million people across the globe affected with HIV/AIDS. On this 21st anniversary of World AIDS Day we appreciate those who have worked to bring awareness to this disease as well as erase the stigmas associated with HIV/AIDS. Particularly, in this country, HIV/AIDS has been typecasted as a gay disease, a disease of the whoredom, or an African disease. Coupled with the attitudes of invincibility we have been reckless and lackadaisical in taking the necessary steps to protect ourselves. While we live in a society that is over saturated with sex, we fail to adequately warn of the consequences.

The irony of invincibility is that, immortality becomes synonymous with ignorance. As people engage in reckless behavior the reality of HIV/AIDS prevents them from being tested. The stigmas of this disease, the imminent fear of mortality, specifically in the Black community have caused us to ignore the reality that HIV/AIDS is real. When it comes to HIV/AIDS the saying has never been more true: People perish for a lack of knowledge. With the many advances in medicine and science, HIV is NOT a death sentence. What kills us is being afraid of the unknown and holding off on being tested.

Awareness and personal agency go hand in hand. HIV/AIDS is preventable. What are you doing to protect yourself? Men lie about being negative, women lie about being negative, but the statistics don't. Be positive you're NOT positive. Stay safe.
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